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PBT Rohrsanierungs-, Vertriebs-u. Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH in Altlandsberg

PBT GmbH was founded in 1999.

At this time, the company founders and staff had already gained extensive experience in the area of pipe- and sewer rehabilitation.
This included particular experience in the use of WECO internal pipe seals for walk-in pipes and sewers, which was gained mainly in co-operation with Wegner & Co GmbH (located in Berlin until 1994).

This company had used the WECO technology since the '60s of the last century and established it worldwide.

PBT uses this experience and mainly deals with the manufacturing, sale and installation of internal pipe seals.

In addition, we are offering training for the correct istallation of our seals to our customers. We are also developing custom solutions for inquiries regarding specific market demands and client requirements.

For example for this was implemented in 2002, when on a foreign customer’s special request, we first manufactured and used end seals for non-accessible pipes of smaller diameters previously renewed with cured-in-place liners.

Since June 2009, the Berlin-based Frisch & Faust GmbH has been a 50 % shareholder of PBT.

The result of this alliance was a meaningful extension of the scope of services in the field of pipe and channel rehabilitation - both for the partners and for their customers.

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